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Toto - Greatest Hits - 40 Trips Around The Sun (02/2018)

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default Toto - Greatest Hits - 40 Trips Around The Sun (02/2018)

Δημοσίευση  Kotzak Την / Το Δευ Φεβ 19, 2018 7:38 am

Toto - Greatest Hits - 40 Trips Around The Sun (2018)

Toto was the Steely Dan of pop music. Top-notch session musicians who went the route of pop music when they formed a band. Very L.A. and very commercial and always very good. To celebrate their 40th anniversary, the classic and current lineup of the band has recorded three new songs to be included on their new Greatest Hits compilation, Greatest Hits: 40 Trips Around the Sun. This means: Steve Lukather (guitars and vocals and original member), David Paich (keyboards and vocals), Steve Porcaro (keyboards) and Joseph Williams (lead vocals). The truth is, Toto has never broken up and continues to tour and record new albums. Their last album, Toto XIV, was released in 2015. But what this new compilation does do is bring together many of their career highlights while alerting older fans that this is still a viable band. It may be difficult getting fans to listen to a new album, but if you include three new songs with a ‘best of,’ you reach many more people. This collection is not sequenced in chronological order, which I prefer as it gives one the chance to hear a band evolve over time (The Beatles 1 is a good example: “Love Me Do” to “The Long and Winding Road,” and you can hear the band grow over those eight years). You do get the hits from their debut album (1978’s Toto), such as “Hold The Line” (my favourite), “I’ll Supply The Love”, and “Georgy Porgy,” to their latest studio release. Their first album features Bobby Kimball on lead vocals. Their debut album proved to be a huge commercial and critical success, but from 1978 until 1982 the band saw declining record sales and declining interest. The three new songs are quite a welcome addition to this album. “Spanish Sea” has a slight “Africa” vibe going on for it, and that is more than welcomed by me. It is a great song and should be a hit. The other new songs, “Alone” and “Struck By Lightning,” show a band still in their prime. A little experimentation with the pop format, some great playing, and strong vocals. Toto has been around for 40 years and while their lineup has been somewhat fluid, their sound has not been. When you hear a Toto song, you know that it is Toto.

Artist...............: Toto
Album................: Greatest Hits - 40 Trips Around The Sun
Label................: Sony Music
Genre................: Pop, Rock
Year.................: 2018
Tracks...............: 17
Format...............: mp3
Quality..............: 320 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Playing Time.........: 01:19:28 Min
Total Size...........: 208 MB
Covers...............: Full Set

01. Alone [Newly Recorded] [04:31]
02. Spanish Sea [Newly Recorded] [04:20]
03. I'll Supply the Love [03:45]
04. I'll Be Over You [03:51]
05. Stranger In Town [04:48]
06. 99 [05:15]
07. Struck By Lightning [Newly Recorded] [04:15]
08. Pamela [05:11]
09. Afraid of Love [03:54]
10. I Won't Hold You Back [04:54]
11. Jake to the Bone [07:03]
12. Stop Loving You [04:30]
13. Lea [04:31]
14. Hold the Line [03:56]
15. Georgy Porgy [04:08]
16. Rosanna [05:32]
17. Africa [04:55]


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